Written by Anne Chambers.

THE GERALDINE CONSPIRACY (a novel) Vivid, passionate and panoramic, The Geraldine Conspiracy is in the tradition of the epic novel. The year is 1533. With barbaric cruelty, Henry VIII has almost wiped out the powerful FitzGerald (Geraldine) dynasty in Ireland; the 11 year old Gerald is the sole survivor. Plucked from the maw of the Tudor murder machine by his English-born tutor, Leverous, with the help of the boy’s aunt Eleanor, the Geraldine and his two protectors flee from the King’s agents.

The leaders of the Gaelic and Norman traditions in Ireland offer to put their political differences aside and, with the Geraldine as their figurehead, agree to unite against the forces of the King. But their cause becomes entangled in the Machiavellian web of European politics which jeopardises their tentative steps towards Irish unity, as well as the Geraldine’s life, and threatens to reveal the dark secret that both unites and divides the love between Eleanor and Leverous.



’A colourful and dashing chronicle, rich in its set-pieces, highly emotive in its depiction of relationships and finely detailed in its descriptive passages.’ The Irish Times

’A rollicking good story, well told. It is entertaining and absorbing, carefully researched and written gracefully in language attuned to the times.’ Irish Independent.

Genre: historical fiction


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