Written by Anne Chambers.

ANNE has co-written a number screenplays. These include one based on her biography of Grace O’Malley and another on her biography of the famous cricketer Ranji. Both are currently in development. Three screenplays have received development funding from the Irish Film Board and from MEDIA.

The following screenplays, co-written with Canadian-born writer David.T Reilly, are currently available for option.



Genre: Human drama

Time: Present

Location: Ireland and America


The arrival of a letter from Ireland, reopens old wounds for American-based author and wife Melissa. The result of a teenage pregnancy, a stillborn baby, and an outraged father come back to haunt her.



Genre: Comedy

Time: 1969

Location: Ireland


In a last ditch effort to save the local Hurling Club, the villagers of the rural backwater of Rathdown hit on a novel way of raising money, with the aid of a pedigree prize bull.



Genre: Political Conspiracy

Time: Present

Location: America


When PI John Tressilian’s missing persons case becomes linked to a right-wing conspiracy to kill the anti-gun female candidate running for the American Presidency, he uncovers a deadly plot that, if it succeeds, will have awesome repercussions for American democracy.


Bad Habits

Genre: Black Comedy

Time: Present

Location: Ireland

Story Outline

Twenty year old rock chick Marianne’s life is falling apart. Sent for detox to a remote gulag convent in Ireland she teams up with 3 unorthodox American nuns When their escape van becomes involved in a drugs heist the ’bad habits’ of Mariann and the Nuns come into play and save the day.


Rights enquiries for above screenplays to:

Jonathan Williams Literary Agency, Rosney Mews, Upper Glenageary Road, Glenageary, Co Dublin. Tel: 353 1 2803482